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Are you in the mood for something young and wild? Roxy_Jenson is here for men that like them young and nubile in every way. Roxy_Jenson is 19 years of age and is a delicious young morsel of hotness. She is 5’6” and petite and has got dark brown hair and brown eyes. This 19 year-old beauty is lovely from head to toe and has got a pretty face and a gorgeous body. She is very into being kinky and roleplaying and she loves to meet up with guys that are down for sharing fantasies and mutual masturbation.

This brunette spoilt brat likes to show off her bald pussy that is still quite inexperienced and she wants to get fucked as much as possible as she has become obsessed with orgasms. Teach this teen new things and she will be an enthusiastic sex student as she loves to cum and you can hear her moan and scream as she explodes in a wet orgasm.

Get ready to embark on the trip of your live. Your search has ended, i’m right here. So…just relax…and get ready to fly on the road to heaven.

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Ask A Cam Girl With Anabelle Blondy

Kinky Blonde Anabelle showing her hairy pussy in the mirror.

We love talking to our cam performers, and they are a lot of help in answering your questions. Today, we’re talking with popular performer Anabelle Blondy, a 25 year old blonde bombshell who puts on some of the best and most dynamic shows.

She’s here to answer a burning question on the minds of our members. We asked Anabelle Blondy, what are the best high tech sex toys? Do they increase pleasure? She was more than happy to give us the rundown.

There’s a huge range of sex toys that are “high tech”, but some of them may not be what you think. I’m just going to run down a few toys I want and a few of my favorites.

High-joy gives the users the ability to hook into the internet once they purchased the toys themselves and purchase an account, and meet new friends. With this capability the toys can be controlled via the internet and the new friends control them. Interesting huh? Kinda cool. Never tried that but it does sound amazing.

“I’m ready to give you best show you have seen!))I like to play with myself with fingers and toys and like to be watched))”

Then there is ohmibod and the awesome items there. Ohmibod offers the MP3 attached vibrators and the cell phone activated vibrators. Get a playlist with some good tunes and lotsa bass beat and well..err…yeah. You do the math. And the cell phone one? Works off the RF of the cell phone. Get a phone call or make a phone call? Yep. You figured that one out! I have these, so request them in my show if you want to learn about these or if you want more info. I’ve tried them and have them and LOVE them!

The sybian, well, there is TONS of press about the various models on this. They are great to ride, and the textured patch gives lots of clitoral stimulation, plus it frees up your hands and allows access to the rest of your body, so it’s great for double penetration or playing with your partner while they ride it.

The wireless remote toys certainly take the play out into the open and that is an incredible feeling! There is so much variety out there to choose from. Vibrating panties, vaginal, anal, etc.

And then there is the classic Hitatchi, my favorite high tech toy. It plugs into the wall and is all about the torque. It’s my favorite friend for squirting orgasms.

There are so many more toys and really…’high tech’ does not always mean “MORE POWER”, so just use what gets you or your partner off the best.


Teen Michelle Bertolin masturbates while her juicy titties bounce

She likes doggystyle and she likes the 69 pose. She is one of the hottest glam girls that we have around and she is only 19 years old. Her name is MichelleBertolin and she is someone who you will definitely want to meet. With a beautiful face like that, long brunette hair, juicy boobs and an ass that is ready for packing, it is very hard to remain indifferent to a beauty like this. She is an Instagram babe who loves to chat with people but gets real nasty only when the right guy shows up. This guy can be you. Try to be him.

MichelleBertolin speaks English and of course  Spanish. She is someone who is very flirtatious and someone who holds herself in the high regards. She is used to glamorous settings and she is used to rich guys who are flaunting their wealth. At times she can be a challenge because she has a hot temper and she has the princess type of an attitude, but once you get to break her facade, you will get to see how sexual of a being she is and how bad she is itching to get fucked by someone who knows what they are doing. She craves for a good fuck because most of the guys who are coming up to her are wusses and sissies. She didn’t have a proper fuck for months now and she is searching for someone who has the balls to approach her and give her what she needs.

MichelleBertolin is a cutie pie and she definitely knows it. Don’t believe me, check out her profile for yourself. This is why she is not letting just anybody talk to her or take her time. Not all guys are getting C2C shows. She is reserving those shows for the ones who can arouse her and that is why you need to turn her on during the chatting. Once you manage to do this or hell can break loose because her pussy is eager to be penetrated in a way where she reaches her orgasm to the point where she is shouting out God.

When you get a show from MichelleBertolin you are one of the rare ones and one of the chosen ones so use this time wisely and make sure to instruct MichelleBertolin properly because she is a slut who is willing to take orders from a real man. Make sure to be one.